Comfrey side effects. We were shocked to learn just how many ways comfrey oil can rock your natural medicine cabinet! If you leave the lid off the surface will soon be covered in flies. Hubby had a nasty run in with the ride on lawnmower several weeks ago, and not having used this miracle herb before we decided to give it a try. I still have my empty bottle of Wolf just so I could smell it from time to time. Archived. You can’t leave even one little piece of its tap root in the soil. I did the comfrey and olive oil I turned it regularly and waited until appropriate time then mixed with some beeswax – it looked about the consistancy of your photo. Russian Comfrey is not like that. It does best with good soil moisture, but once established it has good tolerance for occasional drought, thanks to its deep tap root. You can expect to see their violet, pink, or creamy yellow flowers in late spring or early summer. You should have a brown and green liquid with what looks like slime, and the smell will be potent. Its Latin name, Symphytum, comes from Greek words meaning “growing together of bones” and “plant’”. All it involves is a placing an appropriate amount of comfrey in warm (NOT hot) water and letting it sit until it becomes slimy. Use a brick to weigh down the leaves. If you cut yourself when you’re in your garden, just grab two leaves and rub them together to knock off the leaves’ prickly hairs. Premature infants sometimes receive borage seed oil to help stimulate their growth. … Comfrey makes good mulch. He owes his success to 1 strategy. Concentrate needs to be diluted 1 part to 10 or 20 parts water. This process leaves a strong solvent smell. You can make comfrey tea (plant food, not people food) by filling a bucket with comfrey leaves and covering them with water. I was just thinking about making some plant tea... given the oxygen demand, I'd expect the only way you could ever maintain aerobes for weeks would be to pump air into the water... is that the common technique of the aerobic advocates? ... and tea tree (for antibacterial) also for smell, because it smells like green lard. Location: Zone Five, B.C., Western Canada. Comfrey has very deep roots, which means it extracts large quantities of nutrients from far below the soil’s surface, inaccessible to other plants. 21 Breathtakingly Beautiful Flowering Vines to Suit Every Site, DIY Safe Homemade Cleaners with 8 Garden Herbs, A Complete Morning Glory Growing Guide and 4 Varieties to Inspire You, Make an Extraordinary DIY Bridal Bouquet with Vegetables and Herbs, How to Create a Beautiful Tropical Garden in Your Own Backyard, Language of Flowers to Turn Your Garden into a Beautiful Poem, The Complete Guide to Growing 8 Elegant Alstroemeria Lilies, How to Grow Asparagus at Home for Delightful Perennial Harvests, 17 of the Most Popular Fast Growing Shade Trees for Your Yard. What does it smell like raw ? (This is a climate that differs from the surrounding area.) Step 3 Check on the progress every few weeks. Novelty makers JDandKateIndustries came up with the idea of selling Trump scented candles before the inauguration, as a tribute. A healthy comfrey plant can bush out to 4 feet and reach a height of 3-5 feet tall. ... as the solution can smell as the leaves break down. You’ll want to cover it and let it steep for 3-6 weeks. Last summer I proceeded with my first application of comfrey tea -- it smelled to high heavens, even diluted, and I won't even mention the mosquito larva that made home in the brew (yes, it was covered or so I thought). (Extra Tip: The scent of crack smoke is similar to that of meth.) 75% Upvoted. And what does the smoke smell like? You can harvest comfrey from late spring through fall depending on how you use it. Asked By Veronica Wilkinson. The biggest downfall is the smell created in the process, but it’s worth it! Someone told me that comfrey leaves put in dry into a jar and sealed will result in a sort of salve. Relevance. To make this concentrated comfrey fertilizer you need to make a comfrey pipe. Much like humans, they also need micro-nutrients such as manganese and calcium. What does comfrey mean? I really don't know and would like to know before I do it again. If you don’t want your patch to spread too quickly, try the aforementioned “Bocking 14” variety. Certain types of mold (including stachybotrys chartarum, or “black mold”) are known to producemycotoxins—substances that may cause illness and other issues in mammals. With no prior experience, Kyle Dennis decided to invest in stocks. Putting the lid on the leaves and water. Now you have the poultice - it will feel somewhat slimy, like mucilage. They are only fed Spring leaves/flowers/stalks, NEVER roots. All plants need specific macro-nutrients for maximum growth, bloom and fruiting. Im not sure what it smells like I have never had it. My chickens get 10% of their food in Comfrey. I can smell mold, but I can’t see it. Skin-healing comfrey oil. The paste form of coca is made by soaking leaves in kerosene, gasoline, or diesel. They all have hirsute leaves and like to … Which is not what you’re probably going to do. I just Googled 'comfrey in oil, smell' and your article came up first! That's one of the points of washing. But I think this is if you use lots of it for a long time. Comfrey herbs have astringent properties, which helps draw the cells together so that … There are at least 35 recognized types of comfrey that have been cultivated. The deep tap root captures potassium and other nutrients far below the surface, making them available as mulch when the plant dies back each season. Hi. Make sure to plant deeper in sandy soil, and shallower in clay soil. Comfrey is easy to grow in a wide range of soils and conditions. I love your descripton of the smell, fits perfectly. Location: Wellington, New Zealand. Comfrey’s a lot like the Borg. Rotted-down comfrey makes a cheap, ... vegetables that like a long season are playing catch-up. Alison, it's a pretty hotly debated topic, but the theory goes that healthy soil is populated by. Comfrey leaves are fine to ingest….I have been using them for teas and other things for 40 years….nothing wrong with my liver. To get the most out of your comfrey plant, add some nitrogen into the soil. You can easily start comfrey by seed, but it needs a winter chill to germinate properly. One of my favorite herbs, the comfrey plant, is a multitasking master. You can dilute this fertilizer if you want to, or apply it full strength. Comfrey is likley unsafe to take by mouth. Comfrey Smells Like Crackers Comfrey - Symphytum offinale Adele, Naomi, and I were walking a few blocks from where we had parked to the Minneapolis Farmer's Market. Wait until the second season to begin harvesting. I hope this beautiful perennial will become a welcome guest in your garden this season. I think. If anything, it could be the root that can cause some problem. Comfrey excels at self-sowing its seeds, causing it to spread quicker than you may want it to. These are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Comfrey tea is supposed to smell , dilute and apply. Therefore it needs to be refined with alcohol to smell good as it helps to remove dirty odor. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Otherwise, you’ll soon see a brand new comfrey plant popping out of the ground. I started my comfrey tea about 2 weeks ago and understand that I. What is the smell that, for you, is so singular and specific that you wish you had one word to describe it? I love "got out of the shower" scents and this is one of them. Comfrey is a shrub that grows in parts of Europe, Asia, and North America. What does fermenting wine smell like? Sort by. It’s not too particular about pH, but a neutral to acidic range of 6.0 – 7.0 is just about right. Besides being used to mend broken bones it’s also used for healing wounds and lung ailments, stopping heavy bleeding, and for topical skin treatments. An added bonus you will get from planting comfrey under your tree, is that you’ll creating a “micro-climate”. It isn't known as the 'bone-knitting herb' for nothing! I’ve fallen in love with it so much that every spring I take root cuttings, and spread it anywhere I have room. Comfrey’s long tap root helps it to be a pretty drought-tolerant herb, allowing it to keep large leaves all season long. Perhaps people are searching for a reason for a … Comfrey is an awesome companion plant for several reasons, If you have fruit trees or an orchard, I suggest growing them there. report. So dick smells like pussy. 9 years ago. Comfrey is great. Comfrey is a deep-rooted perennial, so planning out where to start a patch is very important. [Quote] If unwashed it smells a little bit like fish, just like vaginas. Comfrey is also one of the main herbal ingredients I use when I make healing salves and soaps. I looked at a fact sheet from here on its uses, but unfortunately the pics were not very c What does Comfrey look like? What does burning human flesh smell like? Okay. But you can also dilute it to spread the nutrients around. Once your comfrey is about two feet tall, you’ll be able to begin harvesting the leaves. It smells … Some gardeners advise that made like this it doesn't smell, but I found it does, at least when fresh. Try comfrey fertilizer on your plants and see the benefits in your garden. You can easily make it in a food-grade bucket or barrel. Things like 3rd degree burns, and gaping wounds are not something to use the salve on, because it is such a large, deep wound, and comfrey heals so quickly it would cause an abscess. Quick Comfrey Tea. I cut myself pretty often, unfortunately… but, after learning this trick, I now cherish my comfrey patch even more than before! As mentioned before, comfrey’s deep tap roots pull out nutrients from much further down in the soil than most other plants. The herb is a perennial that grows up to three feet, producing thick leaves and bell-like white to pink or mauve flowers. Also, don’t apply before a rainfall, as most of the nutrients will get washed away back into the soil. Description. You can prune your comfrey plant 4-5 times a year and it will keep coming back each time, ready for more. Condition Soil on Future Perennial Garden Sites. And I mean LOTS. Comfrey ointment (!) 2. This extra bit of retained moisture helps to keep the soil around your tree from drying out, even during the hottest parts of summer. you saved me from throwing out 2 jars of Comfrey infused in Oil, cause they smelt aweful!!

what does comfrey smell like

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