in its environment, it will be more active (and more exciting to The fins are particularly impressive because they are generally longer than the body (the average length of the body is 2.5 inches). The tank should be kept out of direct sunlight to inhibit algae growth and excessive heat. keeping one female might lead to the male harassing it, sometimes to Siamese fighting fish might be an unfamiliar name to you but take one look at those vibrant scales and iridescent fins and you will recognize it. insects and worms to the fish either alive or dead. Female Siamese fighting fish specimens generally get along well with each other although rare occasions of aggression have been noted. This will reduce chances of aggression and/or stress between the species. At this time the sides of the tank can be wiped with an aquarium safe sponge and filter media and/or decorations can be cleaned in old tank water. help you test the tank once a week and ensure the tank conditions are Your email address will not be published. increase or decrease the pH level to the desired range. large leaves is preferable because Siamese fighting fish like to stay Some fish that Siamese are compatible with are Danios, Glass Catfish, Freshwater Angelfish, Corydoras, Swordtails, and Tetras. Normal room temperature is not suitable as this is generally too cold. Pellet fish food (2 to 6 pellets a day) made for Siamese fighting fish is recommended as a staple meal. Bettas need heat and become listless if temperatures fall below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. How should I keep and care for Siamese fighting fish? In addition to that, you can feed them favorites like blackworms, bloodworms, and freeze-dried brine shrimp but be sure to limit it to once a week. These fish are also simply known as Bettas. These are extraordinarily hardy fish and though the labyrinth organ permits the fish to outlive in oxygen-depleted water, it’s a widespread false impression that this makes water modifications pointless. Betta Splendins, Betta fish or Siamese Fighting fish belong to a category of fish called Anabantoids. Pro Tip: Similar to temperature changes, any changes to the pH levels should be done gradually to avoid any abrupt changes to the environment. And yes, even the females fight! There are solid budget options but you will need to do your research and choose carefully. This is a normal behaviour. In the cruel pet trade, betta fish (aka “Siamese fighting fish”) are fighting for their lives. As far as fishes go, the Siamese Fighting Fish is one of the more intelligent species out there – they can recognize the owner and, if taught right, can do tricks like putting the ball into a net. What is the best way to feed them? A tall plant with goes, prevention is better than cure. More specifically, the Betta splendens originated from the Mekong and Chao Phraya river basins in what is modern-day Thailand – it was once known as Siam – although recently, small populations have been discovered in South America and Australia. Siamese fighting fish prefer low flow as this mimics their natural habitat. All Rights Reserved. They have derived this name from the word ‘Bettah’, which translates to ‘an ancient clan of warriors’.These fish are also known both for their beautiful outlook and their … Learn how to prevent, diagnose, and treat common betta fish infections and diseases. Pet shops, discount superstores, florists, and even websites sell bettas who are forced to live in minuscule cups, small bowls, and … Betta Fish (also known as Siamese fighting fish) are one of the most popular freshwater fish for fish keepers, and are perfect for beginners. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. This will also help to reduce the chance of algae forming. How to properly take care of Siamese fighting fish Siamese fighters, or Betta, originate from the warm, fresh waters of Thailand, formerly Siam. Their two common names originate from the intolerance male fish have for each other, instantly causing fighting if placed in the same tank, and an abbreviation of their … Japanese fighting fish, also called Siamese fighting fish or betta fish, are beautiful freshwater fish that make great additions to freshwater aquariums.

siamese fighting fish care

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