Maintenance can be easy however if you tackle any areas of wear straight away this will help avoid damage and keep the paint lasting longer. The issue, oak does not allow for deep penetration. Always try a test area first and if you have any questions about these products please do feel free to let me know. A top up coat at the 5 year mark may help to prolong even further. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to let me know. This is why fresh PT lumber often arrives wet from the supplier, and the moisture can impede the penetration of stains and paints. If you take a look at this and feel free to get back to me if you have any questions at all. As you do not want to change the colour you will need to skip this part and go straight to the finishing coat. There are a couple of products you could have a look at, preserver will help to prevent mould, mildew and rot. Regards. Sanding the wood some, will help to reduce the amount of product absorbed but can be a difficult job with fencing and not something that I would necessarily recommend. Not sure anymore. They recommend using a Sadolin wood Protection but they have such a vast range and, when questioned, Sadolin recommended either their Ultimate wood Treatment or Superdec Opaque Wood Protection. If you are looking for a clear protective finish for your posts then I would recommend sanding back to bare wood and looking at the Sadolin Extra Durable Clearcoat as a good option. Thank you for getting in touch. Hi, i have an untreated log cabin, so i believe i need a base wood preserver then a stain then a protective top coat. As this is an oil it will penetrate the woods surface and will not peel and flake over time. Wet or Green Oak has a high moisture content. The actual decking is composite but the sides and railings are a soft wood. And can be used with the Garden Shades. Part of the Crown Paints family, Sadolin provides the best wood protection, care and treatment products for interior, exterior and garden wood. Instant. Coating systems generally last longer but can be prone to deterioration over time. Products per page: Sort: View. The key benefit of this type of product is that they are very easy to apply and maintain. It may be possible to apply a paint over the top and this will give an opaque finish to the wood that will cover the dark stain, it is essential to carry out a test area first, The test area is to check not only that you will like the colour but also that there are no compatibility or adhesion issues. A preservative is always recommended as a first coat treatment to help prevent mould, mildew and rot. I am installing a front porch using Meranti (new) hardwood frame and (used) mahogany doors. Thank you for getting in touch with your question. You can apply 2-3 coats to build up a protection for the wood and it will help to make the wood moisture repellent. All Star Wood Treatment is a low odour, all purpose long lasting protection treatment. To maintain a good level of protection you can simply top up the oil annually or bi annually depending on when you feel the wood needs it. So allow them to weather and if over time you feel that some protection is still needed then have a look at a good quality preservative followed by a top coat of oils to help aid moisture repellency and UV damage. The are a medium brown and would like to make them a lighter colour. I hope that helps and feel free to come back to me if you have any further questions. We have two old wooden carts which we are in the process of restoring. Modern exterior wood coatings are flexible and durable which you will rarely need to strip back to the bare wood if maintained correctly. I do not want to paint it but rather leave the natural wood finish. The Creocote will help to make the wood moisture repellent. Hai un'azienda? Once the wood is clean and sound a wipe over with Methylated Spirits will any stubborn dirt and grease ready for application of a product such as the two coats of this can give a well protected surface, it comes in a clear or colour finish and the colour will help to reduce further UV damage, although the colour will vary to that of the swatch as you are applying to silvered wood and this can dull down the colours appearance on the wood. Hi, we have recently installed 30m of new 2m high featheredge fencing around our garden and are obviously keen to get it into a preserved state asap. UK’s best range of Clear Exterior Woodcare. And then a top coat product such as Barrettine Log Cabin Treatment to help make the wood moisture repellent. The first thing to do is give the wood a good clean and perhaps a light sand. Hi Samantha I’d like to oil preserve it. The beams and planks also extend to the exterior where they cross the stone walls, and there is also some pine planking outside on some of the vertical surfaces, for example just below the guttering. we originally purchased the Cuprinol garden shades series but finding that requires 6 or more coats to even get near a solid colour (tested it on spare timber first) the log cabin is huge (5×4) and simply dont have the time (or patience) to paint it 6 or more times. Sample sachets are available and I would definitely recommend these as the wood that you are applying to will impact on the over all finish. This is the time when we venture out to the garden to survey the surroundings and draw up the list of maintenance tasks. Many thanks , For decking oils to complete the job you could have a look at the Ronseal Decking Oil or Barrettine Decking Oil in clear. A clear water-based wood preserver suitable for new and bare timber. Then a top coat of exterior oil to give moisture repellency and slow down the silvering process of UV damage and for this there is a wide range of products but a couple to consider are the Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra this requires just two very thin coats for application.

exterior wood treatment

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