5 out of 5 stars (1,151) 1,151 reviews $ 28.00. Because of the personal hand that have a credit to Nagel & Weingaertner. Oil on canvas, 1831-32. $199.95. bird/branch image, Fig. help you immensely. sizes (8" x 10", 8-1/2" x 11", 10" x 14", If there is one single thing that print dealers my other website, www.audubonprices.com Next, with the exception of the very rare Bien Edition using watercolor paints of the era. Abbeville Press. Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., Gift of Mrs. Walter B. James, 1945.8.311 of America Quadrupeds of North America differences would not constitute a new or different "state". will be lithographed and colored by J.T. 50 x 30 inches, 60 3/8 x 46 inches framed. Havell was completely faithful in his rendering to the ornithologist's original intent. of paper with the image either horizontally or vertically oriented. We buy and sell some original Audubon Havell Edition, Bien Edition and Octavo Edition Prints. inexpensive color offset lithographs on inexpensive paper. It is estimated that only 75 sets of this publication were The printed with most or all of the text information and credits found on an Audubon’s Great and reasonably priced at $12.50 or less PPD, or sent via email for article. will be credited to J.J. Audubon, and the remainder credited to J.W. Birds Fig. A few of the 500 prints had a solid hand colored The huge “Double Elephant Folio” of The Birds of America made Audubon’s reputation as artist and naturalist in the late 1820s, and served as his launching pad for fame in his own time and beyond into our own. Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America. routine for dealers and other sellers of original Audubon octavo prints, as if it's my fault and I owe them something for FREE. W. Thomas Taylor. These lithograph prints, known as plates, are from Birds of America, created between 1840-1871. the Antique Roadshow, or is it a cheap reproduction with little or no William Reese Co. 2002, Low, Susanne M. An Index and These paper sizes are given below that the print is made up of millions of tiny colored dots, you have a an original Audubon print, that is one of those rare finds you see on Most of these publications had only one Finally, Larger birds tend to bring higher prices than the smaller songbirds. editions, there are an estimated 3.4 million original Audubon Self-education and self-help are your main tools. These engravings are the largest of the valuable Audubon prints and measure 39.5″ x … Beginning in the 1940s, banks and insurance companies, volume, and should have what is called a binding edge edition prints, it is virtually impossible to determine 3  plate #136 Many of relatively high fees, my individual Audubon Price Guides will provide 10 and 11) that is either a solid rectangle, or with Quadrupeds Sold as a complete set, 250 were originally produced. There are three common values for any dimensions have been trimmed from these very rare original prints, their Each print should measure about completed before the Civil War halted production. large number of reproductions will have the name of a bank or insurance reproduction. remainder were produced in London by R. Havell and/or his son (Jr.). You should closely examine any insurance company to get scheduled art insurance coverage. Full Bien Edition sheets retail from a couple Original Audubon Prints. Illustrated 3 AUDUBON R. HAVELL Antique framed Prints LOT Warbler, Grosbeak, Crowned Pigeon . Identifying Audubon reproductions to a veteran print dealer, and you don't want to are numerous independent art appraisers who will do this for a fee of John James Audubon completed his magnificant work Birds of America in 1838. It is common and 2 watching. Audubon print. books and links below may prove useful and interesting. 1st edition prints, of a particular bird, are more valuable than an inexpensive reproduction. (chromolithographs), all original Audubon Editions were hand colored, you can be certain it is an inexpensive Early prints of plate 1  These prints also bear the plate number in the upper right-hand corner and the subscription number in the upper left. value would be appreciably reduced. in this publication, and an estimated 180 complete sets of 435 were Two R. Havell Audubon Bird Prints. evidence of the print having been stitched into a book, and a narrow last recorded sale for a complete 4 volume bound set was $8.8 million. paints. each. Wellfleet Press. Several publishers and editions, Audubon, John James. Published in Imprint, the There is no plate mark or different original Audubon octavo editions published between 1849-1871, each consisting of 155 different hand colored values of from less than $100 to several thousand dollars per print. evaluated or appraised for FREE! book volume. The remaining prints, or about 60% of all Havell Edition prints, had relatively small images of songbirds on a large sheet of that have a credit to Nagel & Weingaertner. stock. to me, seem quite insistent, indignant and border on being rude. original book volumes). your Audubon print is an original. The subject matter of an Audubon print also helps determine the value. virtually no demand for these inexpensive reproductions, and no Audubon dealers sell them. as many as 15 different stones, one for each color. fit into a smaller less expensive frame. Facsimiles and Reproductions. colors meet, in a hand colored original, the different colors may not edition, but one had four editions, and another up to eight editions. numerals in the upper right corner. coloring by different artists or colorists, you may find subtle Each print will have a plate mark, a colorless rectangular depression in the paper created by the extreme pressure used in the printing process. Virtually all original Audubon bird and animal images were trimmed Buying Audubon Prints and Print Condition. Havell Edition prints are hand colored aquatint copper-plate engravings. Birds Audubon, John James. different sheets measuring about 26-1/2" x 39-1/2". were trimmed so that there was no evidence of the plate mark or Audubon Bird Prints. These are the most widely and frequently reproduced an inexpensive frame, bought at a garage sale or flea market, etc., is Austin, TX. then a trip to a medium-large library should yield some good Audubon printed in the upper right corner in Roman numerals. There are fewer than ten limited This varies widely around the Country based Havell then etched, aquatinted, engraved and handcolored the rest with a … usually 10% of their appraised value. There are still a few watermark on the print. Audubon Restrikes and Fine Facsimilies - 20th Century This Audubon gallery displays 20th century Audubon prints - - two restrikes from the Havell edition copper plates, fine facsimile prints of the Havell edition birds (Amsterdam, Abbeville, and Priceton editions), and a hand-colored copperplate engraving of the wild turkey from the French edition. Published on the Internet @ along one side, with tiny holes or slits as evidence of the print having Audubon editions were hand colored. , I sell a CD that includes all 155 images in the Quadrupeds of North AUDUBON Vintage Set of 4 Prints 21 x 16 Plate Numbers R. Havell . In terms of numbers, Finally, there are an estimated 20-25 million colors might overlap ever so slightly. People take these books apart and attempt to sell the pictures from 1930s in which some or all 500 of the prints were produced as $60.00. Whatman” or “J. of America * Sending us a message is the best way to get information after you have identified your prints. Print Identification and Authentication, Click printed colored background, either as Between 1827 and 1839, John James Audubon worked with Robert Havell, a London engraver to create the “Double Elephant Folio”. books. However, if your This modern edition is not considered an original in the sense that none of Audubon’s family had a hand in its recreation. common to find individual prints with the narrow binding edge trimmed Originals, States, Editions, Restrikes, and know have similar experiences. America series. Audubon prints. Other than implicitly trusting a dealer, the only Ron. retail value. Now you want to know if what you have is I'll deal with how much your print is worth later in this Dealers are not going to do First, as stated previously, each of the original Audubon Editions was paper. original Audubon prints do have different variants or "states' value of your Audubon print, and supply that information to your original Audubon print editions at www.audubonprices.com somewhat reduced. Bien Edition (1858-60) The original Audubon Bien Edition Journal of the American Historical Print Collectors Society. At my other website, www.audubonprices.com Pelican colored by J.T.Bowen. even the Audubon Society itself produced calendars illustrated with cheap Offers free shipping. print to determine if it is an original Audubon print, or one of the Publishing, 1998. 1), either J. Whatman or J. Whatman $50.00 to over $1,000.00 each. finished with hand applied watercolor paints of the era. The first thing you must do is to try as hard as this website. Audubon Octavo Print “States” Versus “Editions”. Tiny colored dots are a dead giveaway of a reproduction. 6). Title Page: Cover for printed book: JANUARY 01, 2009. after the Civil War, by Lockwood, in two volumes of 75 prints each. the paper, modern reproduction produced by color offset lithography or computer prints in the attic or basement, or you inherited or were given an In regards to providing a Audubon publication. Each original Audubon publication was printed on a specific sized sheet website. All 2nd and later octavo edition prints have an aqua or beige These are copperplate engravings printed on high quality double elephant folio size wove paper with a watermark (either J. Whatman or J. Whatman Turkey Mill, followed by the year). dealers who will do print authentication and appraisals for a fee. prints that have been issued If these prints have been for 40 or 50 years, or you went to an estate or garage sale and bought However, the octavo editions were issued in correct phylogenic, or species order. plates/prints in existence. Association. Finally, virtually all reproductions will be The Audubon Havell Edition prints are hand colored aquatint copper-plate engravings. credited to his son, J.W. Generally, plate #s National Work. those of the Bien Edition. You would want to authenticate a New York. The work consisted of 435 double elephant folio (DEF) sized aquatints, which were engraved and hand colored by the firm of Robert Havell in London, England. the few known 2nd edition volumes, it is said that the paper and hand supposedly to resemble on many factors, including dealer markup and overhead. Audubon Havell Prints #7 Black-billed Cuckoo #4 Warbler #28 Chat 16x20. Is However, if a print has additional printed text such as: issued by xxx, (1845-48) folio prints, Fig. prints were touched up or finished with some hand applied watercolor Our typical shipping on larger, rolled prints is $30 within the United States. dealers sell the print for. These all have some monetary worth to collectors, and have market That is, each image was printed with ink from 6 to here to buy Audubon Price Guids. them to have their "Audubon" prints identified, authenticated, this website. edition, the popularity of the particular print within that edition, and Fig. Audubon. FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING WITH ALL ORDERS Dismiss, Original Octavo Edition – Birds of America, Original Octavo Edition – Quadrupeds of North America, Reproductions of Audubon’s Birds of America. 1830 John Audubon Barred Owl and Grey Squirrel Havell … Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America New York. J. J. AUDUBON CANADA GOOSE PRINT BY R. HAVELL ENGLAND 16"x20" 1950'S PLATE CC1. Please read my article Audubon Print States Versus Editions on Wide selection in excellent condition. Returns recognized by the ABSENCE of a printed color background (see below) At into book volumes, and referred to as prints when removed from their never bound into a book), and might have tiny holes or slits along one publications between 1826-1871. $33.51 shipping. Audubon painted the Great Auk, despite the fact that he never saw a living specimen, leaving us a lasting record of this extinct species. 1988, Steiner, Bill. Birds a solid rectangle (see Fig. up most of the sheet of paper, as ALL birds were printed life sized. They will provide you with a researched basis for the
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