Fastens like a solid board. Composite is the best decking material for you if you want to build a complex project near water (poolside or seaside) and want the natural texture and appearance of wood without the extra maintenance. Veka invented Cellular PVC decking years ago, and in recent years they’ve beefed it up and added an ASA (acrylic) capstock to it to further help resist fading. Natural variegated shades with organic texture. We are seeing new capped composites and a rise in interest in woods like Tigerwood. It’s difficult to get too specific about pricing because there are so many variables involved in deck building, but a realistic price range for our area is $12,000-$15,000 for an average 300 sq ft composite deck project. 07 January 2019 stevear830 Ipe Wood Decking. This cap is what protects the board from moisture, UV rays, and staining. Check out our comprehensive composite decking comparison pricing chart for the most popular brands available, including the average cost of Trex decking. May 23, 2019 - Uncategorized. There are many synthetic decking materials from dozens of manufacturers. Tiger Claw TC-G. " Researched the market for composite deck boards and concluded that Timbertech product was the best around. Eovations™ technology provides the #1 strength-to-weight ratio on the market. With maintenance factored in, composite decking costs less over its lifetime than wood does! If you're one of the millions of homeowners looking to renovate or rebuild your family's deck this spring or summer, take the time to learn more on the effortless beauty of low-maintenance composite and pvc deck boards. Check out the Trex Transcend, Trex Select and Trex Enhance Naturals composite decking lines today! While each decking brand offers their own unique aesthetics, creative designs and price levels for every home; a shared trait between them all is how minimal the upkeep is. Choose from warm shading or strong, bold colors. Available in wood-tone or earth-tone shades. Check out the Fiberon Concordia, Fiberon Sanctuary, and Fiberon Good Life composite decking lines today! Composite Decking Materials. According to Ideas for Deck Designs, composite decks may cost between two and five times more than decks built from pressure-treated lumber. Each season it seems like a new composite decking product, hidden fastener system, or outdoor dining and entertaining option is introduced that helps homeowners transform their plain old deck into a personal outdoor oasis. There are a lot of new materials being used on decks in 2019 and all of them will try to sell you on what is the best. I suppose the alternative is to get wooden decking and then use some decking paint to help with the maintenance / slip issues that wooden decks seem to have. Trex is one of the most recognizable names in the composite decking industry. Wondering where to start? The Best Decking Materials Available in 2019. Easy to maintain (simply wash with soapy water). Find out which composite product is best suited for your decking project What are the most premium composite decking products? You can consult the websites or your local dealer for details of how price relates to appearance and performance. Based on these averages, if you do the math, it can cost between $13,500 and $22,000 for composite decking versus $8,000 to $11,200 for a wood deck. Modern composite decking is the best solution for lovers of outdoor living. The diversity of colours and quality of finish of the boards are major advantages for specifying this for your next project but is unsuitable for bush fire prone areas as it only achieves a BAL 29 rating. Here’s some basic info to help you decide whether a Trex composite deck or TimberTech composite deck is right for your outdoor living space. Ditch the disappointing fading and blemishing. Based on these averages, if you do the math, it can cost between $13,500 and $22,000 for composite decking versus $8,000 to $11,200 for a wood deck. My order was delivered on time and even the delivery man was exceptionally helpful. Trex is the world’s #1 decking brand and is engineered with “unrivaled fade, stain, scratch and mold resistance.” Their… Check out the Deckorators Voyage, Deckorators Vault and Deckorators Vista composite decking lines today! Requiring no painting or staining, wood plastic composites are quickly becoming the premier choice for low maintenance, worry free decking building materials. We supply and install composite decking boards in Cape Town, South Africa.  - 1/5/2018 8:53:00 PM -  reply. Initial Installation. Decking Materials: Get to know your material options . Composite/Plastic. Warranties ranging from the standard 25 year to a whopping 50 year coverage. Timeless look of hardwoods in a lightweight board. Like capped composite, capped PVC adds an extra layer of protection to a standard plastic deck. When choosing your deck design and deck board layout, we highly recommend getting in touch with one of our deck designers to help you pick out the composite or PVC decking lines, styles, and hardware that match your home's style and can help create the outdoor look you want. Fiberon Decking delivers a high-performance alternative decking option that is both eco-friendly as well as durable enough to last a lifetime. It is also slip-resistant so you there is no danger of someone slipping and falling because of a slippery deck. It's made of plastic and wood fiber and sometimes can be stained to … Actual experts on the phones, chat & email. April 16, 2019: Some deck boards come conveniently manufactured with a grooved edge to accommodate hidden fasteners. Composite decking has come a long way. Alternative decking options were designed focus to eliminate the work and hassle involved with owning a deck, so your family can focus on the fun. Another important factor to consider is local availability. As with real wood, composite decking varies in price depending on the quality and type you choose. ... One of the best way to squeeze more benefit from your space is with a great deck. Overall I would recommend Timbertech to anyone looking for composite decking. The sales team could not have been any more helpful. Now that you know the budgetary pros and cons of real wood decking, how does composite deck material hold up? Best Capped Composite Decking is a water-proof, antiseptic, durable material, which can be used for a variety of purposes in all weather conditions. You’ve done your homework and decided that composite decking will be ideal for creating your dream outdoor living space. A primer on how to select the right decking products for your clients. View our ratings and reviews and browse our buying guide to find the best decking. Composite decking is really the better choice for most people. Nice and grippy and easy to clean. Today, composite decking comes in a variety of texturized grain patterns and rich variegated colors that replicate wood’s natural beauty. The composite decking market has expanded rapidly over the last 5 years which is born out by the number of searches per month carried out. Keeping your favorite outdoor space looking as beautiful as day one for decades is as simple as a sweep and some dish soap. Composite or PVC: Which One is Best? or Composite decking. Composite decking products have been on the market as a category since the late 1990’s. Decide whether Azek or Trex is the best choice for your specific project, with this summary and comparison of these two industry leading materials. Concrete. Tell dealers a species or grade of wood and, more likely than not, they can envision exactly what you're talking about and detail its qualities.
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